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Business hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  |  Monday - Friday

Staff list
Employee Position Phone E-mail Area
Mark Owens Director 618-453-4172 Director's Office
Cyndy Green Administrative Aide 618-453-1357 Director's Office
William Wallace Interim Supt. of Building Services 618-453-5163 Building Services
Bob Beckman Steam and Power Plant V 618-453-6791 Co-Generation Facility
Sofie Beckmann Associate Business Administrative 618-453-5199 Accounting Office
Chris Gaertner Associate Director 618-453-1330 Computer Operations
Andy Hawkins Lead Operator 618-453-3621 Facilities Operations Center
Scott Keith Supt. of Building Maintenance 618-453-6750 Building Maintenance
Carol LePere Asst. Supt. of Building Maintenance 618-453-1100 Building Maintenance
Gary Mausey Building Automation Foreman 618-453-8195 Building Automation
Bill Dozier Locksmith 618-453-5109 Key Control
Scott Keith Interim Superintendent of Grounds 618-453-8179 Grounds
Carol LePere Interim Supervising Architect/Engineer 618-453-6777 Engineering Services & Constructino