Computer Operations

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The overall philosophies and goals of Computer Operations are:

  • To assist the service units in developing beneficial applications for microcomputers and microcomputer networks to aid in the overall management of their operations.
  • To research each application request thoroughly to determine how it best fits into the scope of Facilities & Energy Management's computerization goals and objectives.
  • To develop flexible applications that will incorporate the needs of the service area to the best that the resources can be used.
  • To provide timely service to computer users such that normal or required workflow is minimally disturbed and is effectively maximized.
  • To continually monitor the current state-of-the-art in computer and network technologies so that they can be applied where appropriate.

Employee Phone Email Position
Chris Gaertner 453-1330 Associate Director
Vacant 453-3473 LAN Administrator
Vacant 453-1342 Web Specialist

Office Location

  • Service Building 1 (0014), Rooms 107F, 107H, 114, 116