Facilities Operations Center

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The Facilities Operations Center (FOC) is a 24/7 office which is the University's "one stop shop" for facilities related concerns and issues.  FOC staff are available via email, telephone or fax 365 days a year to handle maintenance requests or general concerns about the University's facilities and/or grounds.  FOC's staff has a well rounded knowledge of the University's facilities and are trained to handle a large variety of problems.  If they can't answer your question, they will most likely be able to refer you to someone who can.

FOC has computers that monitor and control the University's heating and cooling systems, fire alarm systems, clocks, electronic access system and surveillance video network.  In newly built or renovated facilities like Altgeld Hall, Anthony Hall, Student Health Service, Student Services Building and the Transportation Education Center, the temperature in most offices and classrooms can be monitored and controlled at FOC.

FOC maintains an official weather station on top of the building and has per minutes climatological data dating back to 1997.