Grounds - Moving Services

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Moving services within University owned properties are provided by the Grounds Department. Among the types of things the Grounds Department will move are furniture, equipment of all sorts, supplies, and surplus property. To request moving services a Request for Facility services Form, signed by the fiscal officer, should be forwarded to the Facilities Operations Center.
To request a move, the following information is needed on the service request:

  1. Move date. Every effort will be made to accommodate the department's schedule. The request should be received by Facilities & Energy Management at least one week in advance of the desired move date. Actual move dates should be agreed upon between the Grounds Department superintendent and grounds automotive foreman.
  2. Size of move. For large moves that involve an entire department, list the offices or rooms to be moved. For smaller moves, describe or list the items to be moved individually on the service request.
  3. Location(s) of move. Identify the location of where materials are that need to be moved and where they are to be moved. Provide building names and room numbers
  4. Contact Person. Give the name and phone number of the person who Grounds should contact to make arrangements for the move.
  5. Billing Information. Provide the account number and title to be billed for the services

Upon request, the Grounds Department will estimate the cost of the move and contact the department with the cost.

A work order will be issued by the Facilities Operations Center to the Grounds Department for the move. The foreman in charge of moves will contact the requesting department to review the scope of the move and to finalize the move schedule.