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Mission Statement & Purpose

Our mission is to professionally maintain a safe, attractive and accommodating environment for the University community.  Our goal is to maintain a world-class campus environment by delivering the highest quality service to our campus community.  The scope of the Grounds Division is to provide for the upkeep and aesthetics of the academic campus, University housing areas, and satellite facilities such as the Small Business Incubator (Dunn-Richmond Center), the Transportation Education Center (TEC) at the Jackson County Airport, and Head Start.   The Grounds Division also provides other services described on this site.  The Superintendent of Grounds functions as the control officer for the Facilities & Energy Management Grounds Division.  The Superintendent of Grounds reports to the Director of Facilities & Energy Management.

Priorities for Grounds General Maintenance

The primary obligation of the Grounds Division is to provide support services to the academic community.  The priorities for general maintenance needs, emergency situations, and winter weather will be as follows:

  1. Academic and administrative areas
  2. University housing
  3. Outlying areas