GIR Process

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Charges for Services

Engineering Services & Constructin operates on a charge-back system.  User departments will be charged for preliminary work required to develop a budget estimate.  The budget estimate will also include an approximation of the time Engineering Services & Construction staff will spend on the project through construction completion.

General Improvement Project Process

General improvement projects are those that involve:

  • Engineering Services & Construction, and/or
  • Changes to buildings, floor plans, site, structure, environment, components, systems utilities, or
  • Specific projects including carpet replacement and window treatment

To Initiate a Request for General Improvements

The requesting department submits a completed Request for Facility services form, signed by the fiscal officer of the account to be charged, to the Facilities Operations Center.

The form includes spaces for a brief description of the work or problems to be resolved, along with a contact person and location of the proposed work.  All information should be completed by the department submitting the request.

When the service requisition is received, a reference number is assigned to it and the department that submitted the request is notified. The reference number is important in tracking the project and should be referenced in all correspondence regarding the project.

Preparation of a project estimate will consist of the following steps:

  1. a meeting scheduled with the contact person to review the request
  2. development of program/scope statement to be approved by the requesting department
  3. definition of scope
  4. analysis of project
  5. proposed solution or options
  6. proposed budget cost - (Preliminary Estimate)

The department will be contacted with the results of the estimate.  To expedite the process, assigned staff may call the department's fiscal officer for project approval and commitment of funds.  When it is returned with all appropriate approvals (according to operational policies), a final funding estimate with necessary construction documents and work orders will be made.

The estimated figures are then reaffirmed and a final estimate is then determined.  During the final funding estimate process, further solicitation of cost quotations from vendors, manufacturers, Facilities crafts, private contractors or necessary trades to confirm the estimates.  However, since project costs may vary with the economy or complexity of the project, the estimate cannot be guaranteed to be more accurate than plus or minus 5%.  If the scope of work changes during construction, a revised estimate will be required.

If a project does not proceed within six months, the estimates will be re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly.