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2" x 10" Room Insert Panels
Instructions for Preparing Inserts

The University collaborated with the Capital Development Board to create a new sign system that meets the current ADA standards for signage. University standards have been developed for this new sign system you see being implemented across campus. ADA requires each public door be labeled with a room number that is tactile and includes braille text. To provide additional information, not required by ADA, part of this system includes a 2"x10" insert sign that pairs with the room number sign at each door of an occupied space (e.g.,office,suite,classroom).

ADA Sign

A template for imprinting the paper inserts for these 2"x10" signs should be downloaded from this web site and used to create and print your insert(s).

Care has been taken to provide standards for this new University sign system and for this insert template. These standards were designed to create a consistent unified look throughout the campus. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding and maintaining these standards.

The paper insert is sized to fit into the 2"x10" sign frame placed below the room number plaque. The University Physical Plant Construction Management Group will provide you with the paper stock, perforated to create 4 individual insert strips. The template available on this website is designed to be used with that specific paper stock. Please contact Carol LePere at or Marc Salmo at or call 453-6777 to request the number of sheets you will need.

An editable Microsoft Word template has been created to assist you in producing these inserts. This template should be used to create your message for the sign insert. The font, letter size, letter style, letter height, and line spacing is included in this template and meets the requirements for the ADA guidelines. After imprinting these inserts, tear at the perforations and insert into the window sign.

There are 2 layout options:

  • Option 1 - Flush Right to be used for the signs that are placed to the left of the door and align with the right side of the room number panel
    Download Option 1 as

    (Rich Text Format)
    flush right template example
  • Option 2 - Flush Left for the signs that are placed to the right of the door and align with the left side of the room number panel
    Download Option 2 as

    (Rich Text Format)
    flush left template example

    Use a tool that will not cause damage to the sign frame or window when removing the transparent window sign face and inserting the paper template. Please contact Carol LePere at or Marc Salmo at or call 453-6777 if you have questions.