Non-Academic Building Maintenance

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Facilities & Energy Management has agreements with non-academic units to provide labor for maintenance and repair. Units such as Housing, the Student Recreation Center, SIU Arena and Shryock Auditorium are responsible for the maintenance of their buildings and contract with the Physical Plant to provide labor as requested.

The Student Center has the responsibility for the maintenance of this building and has craftsmen to correct most problems.

Problems in the following buildings should be brought to the attention of the building representative who will notify the Physical Plant to respond.

  • Housing Maintenance (618) 453-5778
  • Student Recreation Center (618) 453-1268
  • Arena Maintenance (618) 453-2577
  • Shyrock Auditorium (618) 453-7035
  • Student Center Maintenance (618) 453-2081

A Request for Facility services form is required to request any type of maintenance or construction work. Cost estimates can be provided at the request of the department. To report a Building Maintenance Emergency Repair request, call the Facilities Operations Center.

The following information will be requested when the request is taken:

  • brief description of problem
  • location of problem (building and room number)
  • department
  • name and phone number of person reporting the problem