Building Maintenance and Repair Services

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The repair or replacement of a building structure, systems and equipment that is the responsibility of the Physical Plant will be repaired on a priority basis established by the foremen. Many routine maintenance deficiencies are reported to the Facilities Operations Center by the user, occupant, custodians, or the Department of Public Safety. (Refer to Building Maintenance Repair Requests).

Building Maintenance Emergency Repairs

Building Maintenance Repair Requests

Departmental Equipment Repair or Minor Renovation

Emergency Service

Maintenance or service work necessary to eliminate a hazard, prevent disruption to scheduled activities or prevent damage to the building or facility will be responded to as soon as possible. The problem will be secured and made safe normally on the same day as it is requested. (Refer to Building Maintenance Emergency Repair Requests).

Non-Academic Building Maintenance


Exterior and interior painting is scheduled on a 10 year cyclical basis contingent upon available funds. Painting is available if a department agrees to use their funds to complete the project.

Service Work

Repair, replacement or installation of departmental equipment or other service requests will be completed as requested. These projects will be completed in accordance to a departmental deadline or within 30 days if materials are available. Work requests can be submitted on a Request for Facility services form.