Building Maintenance Repair Requests

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Facilities & Energy Management has the responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the physical facilities of the University academic and administrative areas. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to:

  • miscellaneous building maintenance, such as, repair, maintenance and/or replacement of windows, doors, door closures, window coverings, floor-tile, ceiling-tile, class-bells, fire alarms, light-fixtures, light-bulbs, electrical receptacles, etc.
  • lecture rooms and classrooms - repair, maintenance and /or replacement of fixed chalkboards, furniture for general usage such as, fixed seats, coat racks and platforms
  • restrooms - repair, maintenance and/or replacement of fixtures, such as, lavatories, water closets, urinals, slop sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers, etc.
  • maintenance of outside area street and sidewalk lighting
  • maintenance of secondary electric distribution system to and including disconnect switch serving equipment
  • maintenance of heating and cooling equipment and piping for general heating and cooling of building; including air compressor for pneumatic controls, exclusive of apparatus designed specifically for research
  • maintenance of the Steam Plant and its tunnel network that consists of steam and condensate distribution lines, water, sump pumps, hot water heaters and auxiliary control equipment
  • maintenance of ventilating equipment and ductwork for the general building ventilation, exclusive of apparatus designed specifically for instruction or research
  • maintenance of elevator equipment
  • maintenance of drinking fountains

Any building maintenance deficiencies should be reported to the Facilities Operations Center. The following information will be needed when the request is taken:

  • brief description of problem
  • location of problem (building and room number)
  • department
  • name and phone number of person reporting the problem