Departmental Equipment Repair

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Departments have the responsibility for maintenance of departmental equipment. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to:

  • office equipment, laboratory furniture and equipment
  • research equipment
  • refrigeration and air-conditioning units other than those designed specifically for general building ventilation or cooling
  • recording equipment, public address systems, audio-visual equipment installed for the department
  • printing/duplicating, presses and newspaper equipment
  • book stacks, library equipment, tables, etc.
  • portable fans, desk lamps, etc.
  • booths and environmental rooms for classroom and research projects
  • bulletin boards
  • film storage and processing equipment
  • laboratories, tables, sinks, lockers, exhaust hoods, movable bookshelves, file cabinets and casework
  • plumbing piping down to floor below equipment including shut-off valves
  • return and waste piping down to floor below equipment including controls
  • electric, air and steam systems down to floor below equipment

Requests for repair of departmental equipment or minor renovations should be made on a Request for Facility services form and sent to the Facilities Operations Center. A cost estimate of the work will be made and returned to the department. Work will not begin until authorization from the department fiscal officer is received.