Safety Committee

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Mission Statement

The FEM Safety Committee's mission is to work toward the reduction of work place injuries and illnesses by increasing awareness and training, as well as addressing on-going safety concerns.  In addition, this committee strives to ensure that all employees have an understanding of any health and safety hazard associated with their jobs and that all employees maintain a safe work environment.

Organizational Structure

The FEM Safety Committee is comprised of nine members.  It is chaired by the Safety Coordinator. There will be an outside representative from the Center for Environmental Health and Safety. The remaining seven committee members will include volunteer employees within FEM.  Each committee member will be assigned to an area within the organization and will act as that area's representative regarding safety issues.  The committee will convene quarterly, or as needed, to review injuries and accidents to determine actions that can be taken in order to prevent and/or correct unsafe practices.

Member Info

Committee Members
Tammy Baumgarte, Chair 453-8170 Administrative Office
Tatiana Sherrill 453-7180 Center for Environmental Health & Safety
Teri Ricci 453-6794 PPES, Admin, Accounting, Computer Operations
Tom Wallace 453-5163 Building Services
Bob Jany 453-6730 Building Maintenance, Power Plant, FOC, BAT & Key Control
John Moss 453-6730 Building Maintenance, Power Plant, FOC, BAT & Key Control
Stephen Hall 453-5348 Printing/Duplicating, Mail Service, Travel Service, Materials Management
Mike Heise 453-6730 Housing Maintenance, Grounds, Recycling, TON