Request for Facility services

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The Request for Facility services can be used to request all services from Facilities & Energy Management.


Departments requesting service should provide the department information and account title and number. A brief description of the work or services requested should be provided giving pertinent information such as the location where the work is to be performed and the time frame in which the work should be performed or completed. Fiscal Officer signature is required.   Forward the completed form to the Facilities Operations Center, Mailcode 6738. Departments may also fax the completed form to 453-7722. Please do not send the original form if a fax was sent to Facilities Operations Center.

Departments cannot contract directly with architectural, engineering, or contracting firms for any new construction or general improvement of any university facility (building or grounds). Engineering Service will contract with private Architectural/Engineering Firms to provide services at the department's request.

For additional information, call Facilities Operations Center, (453-3621) or E-Mail: