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The Facilities & Energy Management (FEM) Employee Advisory Committee was established in December 1993. Initial operating procedures were adopted and approved by the FEM Employee Advisory Committee on February 9, 1994. The operating procedures should be reviewed by the committee annually.


The Facilities & Energy Management Employee Advisory Committee serves as an advisory entity that reviews and gives feedback to FEM administration on matters related to new policy decisions and ways to improve service. It also acts as an employee change advocate and serves as an internal communications channel between management and employees regarding work related issues and concerns.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month to review and discuss employee concerns. The FEM Director attends as requested to discuss employee issues and concerns. 

In order to make FEM a better work place, employees are encouraged to let their voices be heard through the Committee about their work related concern. Employees may do so by speaking with a Committee representative or submitting their issue, concern, suggestion or idea through one of the suggestion boxes. Two suggestion boxes are located throughout FEM --one in the main entrance hallway at FEM and one in the Building Services' lobby.

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