Facilities Operations Center Services

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Building Automation System

Emergency Notification System

The Facilities Operations Center provides an emergency notification service to the University for unscheduled utility (electrical, steam, water, etc.) interruptions that occur after-hours. Departments can use this service to be notified of unscheduled utility interruptions which may affect their research experiments or computer systems.

To be placed on the Emergency Notification System's contact list, call the Facilities Operations Center.

Fire Alarm System

Master Clock Services

Power Management Control System

The Facilities Operations Center operates a Power Management Control System that monitors the University's electrical distribution system. Fourteen computerized power meters are strategically located throughout the electrical distribution system and measures and reports real-time electrical data to a graphical workstation located in FOC.

Weather Information Service

The Facilities Operations Center operates a National Weather Service approved weather data collection station. The station continually monitors and calculates the temperature, heat index, wind-chill, wind speed, wind direction, peak wind gust since midnight, indoor/outdoor humidity, barometric pressure, and daily/yearly precipitation. This information is tabulated into easy to read daily, monthly, and yearly charts and tables displayed via a real-time graphic display at the Facilities Operations Center. This information is also available on our Weather page. All the weather data is stored to disk at one minute intervals for later use or analysis. Any department that would like to have access to the data for research or analysis can contact FOC.