About Facilities Operations Center

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Operational Policies

1. The Director of Facilities & Energy Management will function as the control officer for the Facilities Operations Center.

Operational Procedures & Services

The Facilities Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is the initial contact point for all concerns related to University facilities. Submit all requests for Facility services including maintenance, grounds, or custodial requests to FOC for handling. Requests for Facility services can be submitted in one of four ways: via Campus Mail addressed to Facilities Operations Center, Mailcode 6738; by telephone at 453-FOC1(3621); by fax at 453-7722; or by email to foc.facilities@siu.edu.

When telephoning a Facility service request, please be prepared to provide the following information: name, department, telephone number, building room number(s) where service is needed, and a complete description of the problem or service requested.

The Facilities Operations Center (FOC) also maintains computerized systems that monitor and control the University's heating and cooling, clocks, streetlights, fire alarm systems, and electrical distribution systems.

When Facilities & Energy Management offices are closed, the Facilities Operations Center functions as the primary contact and communication point for all facility areas. It also serves as a University contact during emergency situations for any University physical facility that requires outside agency intervention. The Facilities Operations Center receives and processes all University related maintenance problems when Facilities & Energy Management offices are closed.