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No UAVs can be operated under the auspices of the University without the appropriate internal approvals.  This applies to anyone requesting permission to use a UAV as part of a University related function (employees, faculty, staff, students, visitors, University contractors, etc.).  To operate a UAV within the University environment as part of a valid University related function, the following applications will need to be completed and approved.

Depending upon your project, you will need to download, complete, and return some of the following documentation:

You will need to download and familiarize yourself with the:

You will need to register your University-owned UAV equipment:

  1. Property Control: Each UAV shall be tagged accordingly.  Please place this tag away from all compasses, radio antennas, GPS receivers, any moving parts, etc.  Failure to do so may adversely affect operation of the UAV.
  2. Facilities & Energy Management: Please fill out a separate UAV Registration Form for each UAV that is in your department’s control and return to Facilities & Energy Management.
  3. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Please contact PSO for assistance in applying for the FAA registration number.  This is accomplished though the FAA’s registration site.  A processing fee is required for the application.  Please have all P-Card approvals in place before hand.  Since the application must be in the University’s name (the University owns the UAV), we will be glad to assist in registration.  You will receive a document from the FAA to print out that must be kept with the UAV.  Additionally, the FAA registration number must be clearly placed on the UAV that it is associated with.

You will need to have a FAA Part 107 (or section 333) certified pilot / operator to operate the UAV for any related University application / project / operation. Your UAV operator has the final authority of whether an operation can be done safely.  If your operator decides that the operation cannot be done in a safe manner, he / she can refuse to execute the operation. 

Examples of documentation, office manuals, logs, and checklists have been included to assist you in the information that you will need to track for University and FAA requirements:

Please follow these steps if:

  • you currently have a University-owned UAV:  (link to instructions)
  • you are considering purchasing a UAV:  (link to instructions)
  • you are interested in conducting your own UAV operation:  (link to instructions)
  • you are interested in PSO conducting a UAV operation for you:  (link to instructions)
  • you are associated with a non-university related agency and wish to use your UAV for a valid University purpose:  (link to instructions)

Obtaining University approval for a particular University related project does not release you from following all federal guidelines of operating a UAV.  All operations must be conducted in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and in accordance to SIU Carbondale’s UAV Policies.

Please Note:

  • If your department or you currently has a University owned UAV and are using it as a static classroom display or technology discussion, please make sure it is registered with Property Control and PSO. 
  • If you contemplating using the UAV for a project or application, please fill out a “Project Use Application”
  • If you are considering purchasing a UAV for a particular project and are unsure whether to proceed, you can submit the “Project Use Application” first, wait to see if the project is approved or not and proceed from there.
  • If you have purchased a UAV for University use, please submit separate a “Project Use Application” for each project or application.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at the number listed in the banner.  Please ask for the UAV Coordinator or for one of the UAV Operators.  We will be more than happy to help.  It is our goal to help you to conduct your UAV activity and operate safely.