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  • This form allows customers to request any type of repair, core changes and/or keys and/or electronic credentials on the same form.
  • Please supply all of the requested signatures. Fiscal Officer, Key Contact person and the key or credential holder signatures are required. The Key Holder signature MUST be an original signature -- it may not be a "signed by" signature. No work will be processed without all appropriate signatures.
  • Because of signatures, the Key/Work Request form may be faxed or mailed back to Key Control, but may not be emailed.
  • To facilitate record keeping and audits, departments are asked to keep all keys in the Key Contact's name or the Chair/Fiscal/Director's name.
  • Electronic Credentials are to be ordered in each individual's name. Unlike keys, an individual may have only one credential issued in their name at a time.
  • Departments will be notified via phone or email when keys or Electronic Credentials are ready for pick up.

Request to Order Keys or Electronic Credentials >>

Request "Re-core"

Use the following form when lock cores must be changed for any of the following reasons:

  • Security issues (lost or missing keys).
  • Change of room ownership.
  • Request for Limited Access.
  • Re-core Form (p.1)

Request for Repair Work

  • Repair orders should include room location, specific information about the problem and/or keys involved.
  • Customers may submit repairs by calling Key Control.
  • As repair work is tracked by location, please provide all information requested including account numbers even if the repair is considered maintenance and will not be charged to the department.
  • Repair Form (p.1)

Departmental Key Contacts

  • All departments are required to designate an individual as the Key Contact Person. This form should be updated at least once a year and at any time that a personnel change takes place. If you wish to allow someone else other than the Key Contact person to order keys, please indicate in the space provided.
  • With the exception of electronic access credentials, all keys are to be issued in the Departmental Key Contact's name OR the Chair/Fiscal Officer's name.
  • This form may be emailed to Key Control at
  • Departmental Key Contact Form

Procedures for Returning Found Keys

At SIUC there are two types of keys: SIU and personal. Keyrings that contain SIU keys cannot be returned directly to any party except a Key Control employee or SIU Police Officer. Key Control prefers that all SIU keys be returned to their office. They can determine from the serial number who the keys belong to and whether that person is authorized to possess those SIU keys.

Upon determining ownership of the keys and to which department the keys were issued, Key Control will return the keys to the issuing department. Housing keys will be returned to the Area Office. The Area Office will be responsible for returning keys to Housing residents.

To return keyrings that contain SIU keys:

  1. Call Key Control at 453-5109 during normal office hours, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  2. Read the serial number to the Key Control Employee. Start with the upper left corner and read the numbers and letters that are stamped on the the key(s).
  3. A locksmith will be sent to pick up keyrings that contain SIU keys during normal office hours.
  4. After 4 p.m. and during weekends, please call SIU Department of Public Safety at 453-3771. A Police Officer will be sent to retrieve the keys. SIU Police are required to place the keys into evidence until the Key Control office opens on Monday morning and can determine who the keys are issued to.
  5. If a person returns to claim ownership of the keys prior to them being turned into Key Control or SIU Police, only the PERSONAL keys may be returned upon proper identification. ALL SIU KEYS MUST BE RETURNED TO KEY CONTROL.Please notify Key Control of the name of the person the personal keys were released to.

To return keyrings that contain personal keys only (no SIU keys):

  1. Call or bring the keys to the SIU Department of Public Safety in the basement of Trueblood Hall, 453-3771.

To claim lost keys:

  1. Lost personal keys may be claimed at the following places:
    SIU Department of Public Safety - Evidence Custodian
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  2. Lost SIU keys (including any personal keys on the ring) are returned to the issuing department, in the case of academics, or housing area office, if a housing key, and may be reclaimed only at those locations.