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Since 2004, 110 obsolete structures have been demolished.  In most cases the facilities have outlived their useful life or presented a health-life safety issue for the campus community.  This selective demolition reduces the maintenance and utility cost associated with these structures.

Future demolition plans include the following:

  • Washington Square buildings A1, A2, B, C, and D
  • Blue Barracks
  • Quonset Building T-29
  • Greek Row
  • Southern Hills
  • 808 South Forest Avenue (Art and Design Solar House)
  • 910 South Forest Avenue (MCMA Broadcasting Services House)
  • 913 South Oakland Avenue (Women’s Studies)
  • 1001 South Oakland Avenue (Archeological Studies)
  • 1003 South Oakland Avenue (SIRIS)
  • 1435 Poultry Center Road (Poultry Center Research)
  • 1205 West Chautauqua Street
  • 1209 West Chautauqua Street
View a PDF map of where the projects are on campus.